A frantic note from the Deputy Muse Editor

is running out of time…

“How is it Week 9 already?” Expect this question during every slightly awkward pre-lecture small talk session. Yet, while the question itself is as mundane as ever, it’s a pretty valid one. Term seems to have slipped through my fingers, providing a further aspect of life to stress over at 3AM after a night out. Deadlines, Christmas, the end of term. It’s far too soon for all these things, surely? Time seems to be moving faster than ever, and that’s coming from a second year; I dread to think how time works for anyone mid-dissertation.

It’s not just the passage of time either. Making time for everything seems impossible; commitments are sending me flying all over the place. Am I a person? Or some flighty mess flinging myself at social events, seminars, and newspapers trying desperately to make something stick? Time as a concept dominates my days, split between thinking about the past (as expected with a History degree), fretting over the future (don’t talk to me about careers), and worrying that I’m not present enough in my own life.

It’s a balancing act, but have any of us actually mastered it? Maybe my approach of planning out every moment of each day is both ineffective and incredibly sad. I suppose I can add “be more productive” and “be less lame” to my ever growing to-do list.

All over Muse we seem to be preoccupied with the questions of past, present and future, whether that’s through a Vintage themed Fashion section (M9) or reflecting on the revival of analogue photography (M6). Stepping away from pontificating on issues of time, Features explore sleep deprivation (M16) (although who needs sleep when there is so much to fit into our lives now?) and interview directors on how exactly to bring your artistic visions to life. While Film and TV provide a full recap of the Aesthetica Film Festival (M15) Luckily for me I’ve already been through this edition multiple times, so I don’t need to spend even more time re-reading it. I advise you to do so though, shockingly Nouse is worth spending time on. Though, I might have just spent too long in the office.

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