December 2017

Review: The Disaster Artist

Euan Brook is left unimpressed by James Franco’s cinematic retelling of the making of one of the best-worst movies of all time

Review: Stronger

Chay Quinn is not completely convinced by David Gordon Green’s true-life tale of adversity

Review: Call Me by Your Name

George Melluish has plenty of praise for Luca Guadagnino’s sumptuous romance

Key Campus figures react to Trump recognising Jerusalem as capital of Israel

Relevant campus figures respond to Donald Trump’s speech recognising Jerusalem as capital of Israel

A Festive Evening with Jamie Oliver

As a man who owns every Jamie Oliver cookbook, has purchased half a dozen of his magazines, regularly watches his…

Honduras’s questionable election: At the crossroad of regional interests

A potentially rigged election has unearthed a country suffering from statal repression, the legacy of a coup and the interests of its large neighbour

Dramasoc’s Spring Season Announced

It’s getting very political down at The Drama Barn next Spring as Charlie Ralph gives us a full rundown of next semester’s shows