YUSU LGBTQ officer resigns

Image: Tom Witherow

The LGBTQ Network forYUSU currently have to elect a new part time officer due to the elected representative, Henry Fairnington, choosing to step down from the role.

Fairnington ran on the policies of continuing choosing to campaign for LGBTQ causes and charities, increasing awareness for both students and staff, and having more accessible meetings, his main hope being to create “a more accepting, aware and accessible YUSU.”

The third year English and History student sent an email to members of the network, explaining his decision:

“As many of you have probably noticed, I’ve been rather absent from Network events recently. I apologise to everyone who has been left in the lurch by my distance! The reason for this is that I’ve been ill lately, and because of this I’m sorry to say that I’m going to be stepping down from my role as LGBTQ Officer.

He ended the email with a positive reflection on his time in the position: “I’d like to thank those of you who have been supportive when I’ve needed it, and it’s been great working with you all.”

While the normal protocol for a YUSU elected official stepping down usually requires a campus-wide vote on who should become the successor, with at least 5 percent of the student body needing to vote so it reaches quorum and gives the result validity, the LGBTQ Network has chosen to hold a small by-election instead so as to ensure their activities are interrupted to as small an extent as possible.

These impromptu by-elections will take place on 22 November will be held in the Physics building and on campus, where candidates are welcome to both either apply in advance or to simply turn up and run for the position of LGBTQ Part Time Officer on the night.

Any candidates that are successful in attaining the post will remain in the job until the annual YUSU elections, which will take place in February 2018, and are also expected to assume the duties of the role immediately. The new officer (or officers) will be expected to attend the next officer group meeting for Sabbatical and Part-Time officers in the week after the event.

Alex Urquhart, YUSU president, provided information for any York students who would like to get involved with the Network by becoming the LGBTQ Part-Time Officer. “Following the by-law, the network has chosen to co-opt a new LGBTQ student. This process involves a small speech from the candidates to an open meeting, and the vote will take place there and then. Any self-defining LGBTQ student is eligible to run for the position and vote in the elections (you can also run in a pair!). The co-opt takes place on Wednesday 22 November, 6pm in P/T/006.”

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