Ultimate frisbee landslide win for York 1s

York stormed to the perfect 15-0 victory in an exciting, but one-sided game of ultimate frisbee last Wednesday

THE YORK MEN’S first team did not disappoint last Wednesday in the ultimate frisbee, gaining the perfect score of 15-0 against Sheffield Hallam’s second team in an exhilaratingly short but exciting game.

Ultimate frisbee is a non-contact sport, incorporating aspects of netball and american football. Games are entirely self-refereed, where the players call their own fouls and infractions. As well as this, games are not played within a time constraint, with half time being called a*fter a team reaches eight goals, and full time at 15. Players can throw the frisbee in any direction, and to score a goal a player must catch the frisbee within the ‘end zone’. To restart the game after a goal, the disc (frisbee) is ‘pulled’ (thrown down the field) to the opposing team.

Onto the match itself now, and what a start this game had. Within less than 10 seconds of the disc being pulled downfield towards York for the first time, the home team scored their first goal which propelled them to a flying start. In response, Sheffield Hallam built up
play steadily, with some nice passing, but this didn’t last long as the fluidity of their play broke down and they began to make mistakes.

York responded quickly and viciously with their second goal, consistently applying pressure to the Hallam defence. By the time the fourth consecutive York goal was scored, the conclusion of this game already looked far gone. York preyed upon Hallam’s frequent mistakes, and cemented their own team’s confidence with fast short passes to get the disc up field and into a scoring position.

Sheffield did stay resilient however; at times their defence was strong, with some good blocks and interceptions of long York passes. A particular highlight came from York’s fifth goal, which put them up to 5-0 in the game, with a fantastic leaping catch in the end zone, which was met by a roar from the home fans on the side-lines and the familiar ‘Let’s go York!’ chant from teammates.

As one-sided as the game was in the first half, however, Hallam weren’t all quiet. They seemed to be improving their fluidity and ability to retain possession of the disc as the game went on, but small dropping mistakes by their defenders left York wide open to snatch more goals as the score line continued to rise. Despite this, Sheffield kept fighting. I even overheard one of their players (as they lined up on their backline ready to receive the pulled disc) shouting “Come on Sheffield, they’ll be getting tired now!” But despite their hopes, York showed no signs of tiring as they remained in the ascendancy.

The closest chance for Sheffield came when a Hallam attacker just dropped the frisbee less than five metres from the end zone.

By this point though, the final outcome of the game looked clear. York managed to maintain their strong defence and fast paced attack with quick passes avoiding interception consistently in the final few points of the match. Their pulling of the disc after each goal became deeper, and their attackers chased downfield after it even faster as they saw the finish line in their sights.

The final point, however, was long and drawn out. Hallam gave it all they had and were resilient in letting York wander to victory in the dying moments of the game. To add to this, York did begin to make a few simple mistakes as well, with possession changing hands several times within a short period of play. But finally, the winning goal arrived. The 15th and final goal was scored by the York captain and an exhilarated cheer came from the York bench.

With this being York’s first BUCS ultimate frisbee fixture of the season, it was a perfect score and a perfect start. York Men’s 1s now sit tied at the top with Durham 2s in the Northern Division – both teams with three points to their names and a matching goal difference of 15 goals each too.

York’s next fixture comes this Wednesday when they face Sunderland 1s in what is expected to be a fiercely competitive game for both teams involved. Sunderland are yet to play their first game of the season therefore York will be preparing for a much harder game than their previous one. But from what can be taken from this game in terms of how York look to be shaping up for possible success this season, the chances look favourable indeed.

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