New app to revolutionise college sport at York

Image: James Hostford

ARE YOU A fan of college sport? Ever wondered where you can find a league table, or doubted their existence? Ever wanted to compare stats with a teammate?

If so, you will be glad to hear that the York Sport Union has just unveiled the launch of the ProTeam app, which promises to revolutionise collegiate sport at York in an unprecedented way for over 100 teams, thousands of players, and many more fans. The online platform for college sport arose from Oxford and Cambridge Universities, with the driving force behind its creation being a desire to provide easy access to league tables and revolutionise the organisation of sport away from lengthy email chains and multiple Facebook groups.

High quality sporting displays are not unique to university level teams. There is amazing sporting quality at college level as well; the app aims to provide the coverage that it deserves. So, no more Facebook groups, no more mailing lists, no more nagging your captain for information. Designed by and for student athletes, the ProTeam app has everything in one place – not just for the player, but also for the fan, be they a current student or an alumnus.

I’ll certainly continue to follow the teams I am a part of long after my time at university comes to an end. The app enables each college team to have its own profile with fixtures, results, league tables, player passports, team sheets, match reports, man of the match awards, live streaming and more, all at the user’s finger tips. What’s more, the app is free to download from either the App Store or Play Store. Captains can organise matches, training sessions and socials easily in one place, with players receiving push notifications on their phone, as well as create team sheets and submit scores.

Perhaps of most interest to the individual players is the player’s passport. Think you deserve a callup? ProTeam ensures that if you’re outplaying your competition, your efforts won’t go unnoticed. The player’s passport keeps track of number of caps and other key stats which make for great reflection and comparison with other players throughout their university sports career. Such a feature will also help quantify how many people participate in college sport.

Another key feature is live updates during a match. This means that followers can stay updated in real time through student spectators or benchwarmers on the sidelines posting updates and pictures. Video footage and livestreaming will also be added to the platform soon. With all of this information at hand before, during and after a game, it increases the hype around college sport and makes each game a bigger occasion to play in. The ProTeam app also opens up greater funding opportunities for teams. Sponsoring the teams that play in the most popular leagues, and backing the most popular leagues themselves, would be an attractive prospect for potential patrons, who can make in-app sponsorship offers to clubs – resulting in more funding for college sport.

A large part of the app’s initial success here at York will be contingent on sports captains downloading ProTeam, affiliating their team with a college, and encouraging their players to get on the app as well.

York Sport Union President Laura Carruthers is certainly excited about the future of college sport at York. “I am delighted to announce the introduction of our first ever college sports app! The app offers each college team its own personal page with details of upcoming fixtures, match results and current league standings. “This, plus every individual has their own ‘player passport’ where their playing history is documented. I hope that this app will gather even more interest and support for College Sport here at York; raising the profile of our strong recreational sports offering.”

With the app still in its infancy, it is a work in progress and glitches are part and parcel of this, but the early signs are of optimism and success. The app has launched officially in eight universities so far Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Birmingham, Loughborough, Manchester, Bath, and of course, here at York. Four more universities are in the pipeline.

The ultimate goal for ProTeam is to have the app covering all UK student sport. With 6000 members in its first three weeks, ProTeam is a new and rising player in the field of college sport. York are part of an elite group onboard with its journey. It seems that York Sport is now in safe hands and Nouse is confident that college and university sport can only grow from here.

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