Near-death fears for STYCs at Halifax

Image: Jay Dyer

The first day of Halifax College Freshers’ Week escalated rather quickly after miscommunication between a staff member and senior college staff resulted in medical staff believing that there had been a casualty.

After STYCs had informed members of Halifax that medical assistance was required in their household, senior staff and medics rushed to the scene expecting a nightmare scenario. Thankfully, the information turned out to be fake news and the panic of senior staff was halted.

Nouse has been informed that the incident turned out to involve a fresher becoming paralytically drunk after beginning drinking vodka at five in the afternoon. A visit to the local Charles XII Pub with his new housemates had led to this, said a fresher. When STYCs arrived at the house to introduce themselves they already found the freshers tipsy.

However, this is when things began to escalate as ‘pre-drinks’ officially began. When STYCs were asked by Nouse about what happened they stated that this particular fresher had drunk over a litre of vodka “like water”, resulting in them needing medical assistance. “Before we knew it he had passed out. We turned round and there were suddenly two empty litre bottles of vodka. ”

When staff were informed by the house’s STYCs, a member of student staff used the word “casualty” light-heartedly to radio across campus – unaware of how serious the use of the word can be.

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