Derwent’s minor makeover

Image: DS Pugh

Derwent College has been the recipient of £231 304 in refurbishments. Taking place in blocks A – J over the summer, it has seen the upgrade of many amenities, from furnishings to facilities.

After being ranked 28th in the Top Accommodation location in the Times’ Higher Education ratings, Derwent has replaced the vanity units and wardrobes in rooms. The lighting has been upgraded and circulation areas, such as halls, have been repainted as well as having carpets replaced and lighting improved.

Fears about asbestos reaching students, caused by damaged ceiling tiles in A Block during late 2016, have been allayed as damaged and deteriorated roofing has been repaired in anticipation of the arrival of the 2017 freshers.

The University stated that “the works have significantly modernised the blocks” and Derwent has also accepted a greater degree of environmental responsibility as “The refurbishment has also upgraded the heating system to expected standards, providing a greater degree of heating control and energy efficiency.”

Derwent is not alone in its refurbishments, Halifax also having spaces refurbished. However, the reputation of the former having substandard accommodation persists, thanks to chants about asbestos.