A note from the Editor…

Does anyone even read these?

I was horrified to discover that last year’s editor, Chris Owen, designed the editors’ notes just to fill up space in print. It’s also why that big bloody ‘N’ decided to present itself above this. With 45 000 copies of Nouse printed since then, the readership of this mental diarrhoea now consists of my housemates, my girlfriend (if I’m lucky), and maybe even the sub-editors. Essentially, reader, you’ve landed on the page that truly is an echo chamber – and it’s all my fault. Welcome!

I should probably leave my successor to do what they wish with it. I’ll be damned, though, if this drivel-ridden, self-validating vacuum reflects the rest of our paper. In this edition, I’ve had the pleasure of it being my job to ensure the opposite. Nouse needs a diversity of thoughts and motives to keep itself relevant, to both the Brexiteering Rees-Moggs (God forgive them) and the wavy-garm-adorning Corbynistas. What better a place for grand coalition, then, than at the full-team elections this month?

As far as gender balance is concerned, our senior team has achieved that. In the wider team, office politics range from vegan anarcho-communism to post-Trumpite conservatism. Recently, I removed the straitjacket description of Nouse as a “politically liberal newspaper” from Wikipedia. My inner Clegg wept (as it tends to these days). However, this is where the politics come to an end – lest we forget the bigger picture.

This is a university of at least 17 000. While the average student is white, female, middle-class and British (I fall within three of those categories), our university is anything but average. In fact, despite having grown up in south London, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much diversity in my life than I have at York. Student politicians may doubt its existence, but it already gives the University so much strength – and empathy, to say the least.

Real diversity is not ideological: it comes from a range of environments, experience and motives. Perhaps you’re a gossip-loving fresher, looking to immerse yourself in campus histrionics before splurging them back into print copy. Perhaps there’s been hardship in your life, leaving you with a story to tell in our Comment or Features section. Perhaps neither apply to you, and you just love writing for the sake of writing. In any case, Nouse is, and must always be, your home.

Only then, with your help and your voice, can we reach out to a 17 000-strong university. Only then can we break out of the kind of group-think that leads others to causing news-worthy scandal. Only then, by reflecting the campus we write for, are we worthy of calling ourselves a campus newspaper.

Essentially, reader, Nouse needs you. Fancy student journalism?

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