July 2017

I rediscovered Harry Potter at age 18, and found I needed him more than ever

A year on from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’s West End opening, Oscar Bentley reminisces on the place Harry Potter holds in his – and our – childhoods

Review: Dunkirk

Daniel Goldstraw finds Dunkirk to be a tense, immersive depiction of the terrors of war that sees Christopher Nolan reach greater
heights than ever before

Langwith, James, and Derwent ranked high as welfare and industry connections fall behind in Times Higher Education surveys

Langwith, James, and Derwent have all appeared in the top 30 student halls in the UK in a recent study detailed in an…

Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Michael Maitland-Jones finds that the latest Spidey doesn’t deliver on its big potential

Festival Update: Line-up for Transgressive takeover at Reading & Leeds Festival 2017

Reading and Leeds announce their most impressive late-night takeover to date

Fetish Society members quit over perceived “racism and anti-heterosexual rhetoric”

References were made to a potential exit of cisgendered men on the society’s Facebook group

Review: Present & Correct

Eliza Hunton laughs along with Comedysoc’s latest weird and wonderful sketch show

Something Different: Queen of Earth

Andrew Young opens a new Film & TV section with a look at this mesmerising drama of mental illness and friendship

Review: Doctor Who, Season 10, Part 2

James Humpish finds Peter Capaldi’s last bow to be a flawed success that should satisfy the superfans

Review: Alone in Berlin

An adaptation with potential, but one which fails to deliver on its narrative tension and emotion

Review: Baby Driver

Oscar Bentley reviews one of the year’s most-hyped films, finding a problem with its style rather than substance