Mixed bag for netball teams

Netball was a force to be reckoned with. The college sides were up first on the Saturday. York won both the league A and B matches, as well as the college select. The college league B game was represented by Alcuin college for York. The game started strongly for York as they stormed three points ahead within the first ten minutes of the game. Ultimately, the game finished 51-20 to York, an amazing 30-point lead in the end. York won the B game but the points were retrospectively appointed to Lancaster following the disqualification of York’s college league B team. Due to a miscommunication between the Lancaster and York organisers, an unfortunate accident occurred in which York had chosen the top two college winners from league A, rather than choosing the winners of both league A and league B respectively.
The college netball A game was Langwith college vs Lancaster’s Lonsdale, which was marginally closer than the B game, with the first quarter ending with a score of 10-6 to York. York won the game with 49 points to Lancaster’s 22, all in all, a pretty strong lead. The college games were summed up with college select, which was a very close game, with York just taking the lead 42-34, gaining even more points for the York team. Some stand-out players in this match were Esther Worrall, for her incredible shooting throughout the game, and Eli Cavill for her communication and passing at centre.
The university netball games, were not quite as successful as the college netball games, with a loss at the netball 1s and 3s game for York, but wins in the 2s. With Lancaster taking the lead originally 2-0 at the beginning of the 3s game, eventually York just took the lead at the end of the last quarter. The rest of the game continued pretty much in this pattern of one team scoring and then the other team. Unfortunately, this game then finished with a close score of 17-22 to Lancaster. In the 2s game, York maintained a 20-point lead for most of the game, with a final score 60-41 to York. The final netball game of the weekend was the netball 1s game which regrettably resulted in a Lancaster win.
York lost out near the end of the game when Lancaster managed to get 15 points ahead, eventually winning the game 36-57 to Lancaster. York’s netball teams did well in representing us at this year’s Roses, with a pretty equal distribution of points between them, even despite disqualifications affecting overall point results for the netball games. Lancaster’s efforts should not be underplayed as they played valiantly against a strong York team.

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