New society list revealed: WWE in, Dining out

Image: Wikimedia Commons

A list of new societies for the 2017/18 academic year has been published by YUSU in the most recent societies committee minutes.

With the deadline for society ratification having passed a fortnight ago, YUSU has accepted ten of the 16 applications submitted – four of the remaining six being rejected, and two requiring further consultation.

The list of new societies include the York Anti-Trafficking Society; York Coffee Society; WWE Society; York Uni Nigerian Society (YUNS); Vietnamese Society; ARASoc (Aviation, Railway, and Automotive Society); Tamil Society; The Norman Rea Gallery; Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM); Christian Conversation; and the University of Yo r k Body Positivity Society (BoPo Soc).

YUSU’s Activities Officer, Alex Lusty, has commented that he is “tremendously pleased to welcome in what look to be some excellent new additions to our society roster.”

Among the list of society proposals rejected is the University of York Dining Society. Despite its similarities to the Food Society, Cocktail Society, Real Ale Society and Wine Appreciation Society, the Societies Committee “were unable to agree that there was a strong enough element of development”, and that “it remained to be viewed as a social experience.”

Two societies were rejected on the basis of their proposed functions overlapping those of other societies. Home Brew, for example, was rejected on the basis that “Real Ale Society already do Home Brew and this would be a duplication of Society Activity.”

Another gospel group was proposed in the form of The Revival: Gospel Society, but was denied ratification as there is “already a Revelation Rock Gospel society in existence.”

The proposals for Burlesque Society were reported to “need further consultation”, and may still have a chance of becoming ratified.

During the same Societies Committee meeting, YUSU President Millie Beach “came to discuss a new c a m p a i g n [ c a l l e d ] ‘Your Campus Needs You’ and consulted Societies Committee on their opinions of study and social spaces on campus.”

The University of York currently has over 200 YUSU-ratified societies, represented by the societies committee by a delegate from each of the following categories: Academic and Careers; Arts and Cultural; Campaigning and Political; Faith and Relationship; Games and Activities; Media; Music and Performance; and Special Interest.

Societies on campus range from vocational activities including Nouse, Comedy Society and Music Production Society, to more light-hearted affairs such as The Louis Theroux Society, Taylor Swift Society (SwiftSoc) and York Vision.