York Dominate at Roses for Esports

Esport? At Roses? Well yes it’s true! And not only that it was worth points! Unfortunately due to various circumstances I wasn’t able to make it down to the event in person so I watched like I watch most Esports events. On a screen, whilst I probably should be focusing on work.

The start of the stream was a touch rocky with the technical issues and delays that are common amongst even the biggest events.  The games to be played were Dota 2, League of Legends and CS:GO Lancaster’s team ‘LUGES’ vs York’s team ‘FragSoc’. The overall winning team of each game would give the team a point and whichever side had the most points at the end of the event would be declared the winner and this would give their university four points to the overall roses score. Lancaster had won the year before so York had a lot to play for.

It began with Dota 2, the first game began calmly with York taking a clear early lead and it wasn’t until about seven and a half minutes in before first blood was drawn by Lancaster. Fragsoc  really cemented their lead in a team wipe at the fifteen minute mark then took a twenty five minute Rosh completely uncontested followed near immediately by another team fight which lead to a 4/0 in favour of York and with just a little bit of cleanup Lancaster called GG. In the second game Lancaster shot in with a one minute thirty first blood and made for a much stronger start. York managed to pull it back by about 15 minutes with York having a net worth much much higher than Lancaster’s (if you don’t play Dota it’s a pretty good indicator of how well a team is doing). A solid team fight for York then pulled them most definitely into the lead and it was quickly followed by an incredible save made by the Pudge’s hook. Despite a couple of good pick offs by Lancaster York just had too much momentum and with the help of some more great hooks by Pudge it was soon GG to York and a 1.0 overall. Onto League!

Or rather… it was supposed to be. There was then about an hour and a half of waiting for ‘technical issues’ and when it came back the audio had gone incredibly quiet and echoy and also had the persons desktop viewable (the most interesting thing on it was ‘Shrek SuperSlam’). Eventually it was into the game. The first game was a  slow one with scared play by both teams. York for the first blood at about 9 minutes in. A number of excellent pick offs from York and a good few team fights later and that was it for Lancaster. Despite Lancaster managing to punish York for a greedy baron with a triple kill and no deaths it just wasn’t enough and York steamrolled their way to a win going 20-4.

At this point the stream was about to overrun and I had to go and see a housemate play basket ball (they won). I’m told that York once again crushed Lancaster to a 2-0 victory in League and therefore won overall. CS:GO started and York won the first game. Two hours after I left I was able to return and pick up the stream again for the second CS:GO match. Not knowing much about CS:GO all I can really say is that it remained pretty even for most of the match but York managed to pull ahead at the end and secure the victory.

So In all York went 2-0 in every game absolutely dominating Lancaster and netting 4 points to the Roses score. In all it was a fantastic set of matches. The same however could not really be said for the stream. Huge delays and poor audio quality led to a sub-par experience on stream for the roughly 60 or so concurrents (a peak of about 90) that watched. But that cannot take away from the fact that York has more than made up for its defeat last year and will be celebrating today for a while to come.

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