Roses Preview 2017

This year’s Roses shows York hoping to regain the title from Lancaster University who took the cup last year. With fixtures taking place over 50 sports over the weekend, York is hoping for a sweeping victory across the board against Lancaster, in order to further the gap between York’s 26 victories over the years to Lancaster’s 25.

The Opening Ceremony this year is Basketball, with York Sport Union invigorating supporters with the promise of it being a showdown. The ceremony begins at 6pm on Friday in the York Sports Centre Arena. Also on Friday night, there will be the Roses Festival in Greg’s Place going on until 11pm, featuring live music, performances from student societies as well as funfair stalls. If you don’t wish to purchase a ticket for the Basketball showdown, it will be screened live in Greg’s Place.

More events happening this weekend include: A free film screening of Space Jam, courtesy of York Student Cinema on Saturday, followed by a club night happening in Roger Kirk Centre, which they are promising will be a “great night out without even having to leave campus”, as well as providing you with the club night wristband for the Roses After Party at Revs on Sunday. The Closing Ceremony is happening on 22 Acres for the handover of the Carter James Trophy to either York or Lancaster at 6:30pm.

Prior to the exciting events happening in the evening, technically it is SnowSports Racing that is kicking off the weekend happening at 11:30 off campus, which will hopefully provide for an exhilarating start. Also happening prior to the Basketball, is definitely a team to look out for, York’s American Football Team, the York Centurions will be competing for their title at 1pm on 22 Acres, so be sure to watch out for them if that’s been something you’ve been getting into this year. The Saturday provides the biggest scope for events, with the classic Rugby Union and League games, as well as Football all happening on 22 Acres from 10am till about 4pm.

If you’re a College Sport fan, you have not been missed out this weekend as College Netball will be happening in York Sports Centre starting at 10:30am with League B, ending with College Select at 3pm. As well as College Football happening on the Sunday beginning at 12pm.

As well as this, on Saturday, another team to definitely look out for is the Swimming and Waterpolo teams, all events happening in the pool in the York Sport Village, a team that has beaten a lot of their club records this year, which sounds like it is going to be a splash.

Debating, eSports, Pokémon and University Challenge have turned a few heads as part of the Roses Fixtures, but they should make for some very interesting games for all to watch, as well as University Challenge providing some humour and bringing out everyone’s competitive streak as York and Lancaster go head to head in a challenge of mind and knowledge. That’s happening at 7pm in Hendrix Hall.

The last day of fixtures on the Sunday are kicked off with the only Athletics fixture of the weekend: Cross Country, York’s team contains some of the best, so it should make for a great competition at 12pm. Archery and Lacrosse, both happening on 22 Acres at 10am and 1pm respectively should also make for some fantastic matches. Rounding off the day will be Ballroom Dancing, which sounds very exciting with Ballroom and Latin Dancing which will be an elating chance for everyone to watch a competition they might not have experienced before.

The Focus Sports this year are: Football Women’s 1st, Rugby Union Women’s 1st, Hockey Men’s 1st, Hockey Women’s 1st, Rowing Men’s 1st, Volleyball Men’s 1st and Lacrosse Women’s 1st. Hoping to build on their successes and defeats from last year, all are playing in Roses this weekend, except for the Rowing team, who competed last weekend, and should make for some thrilling matches.

This year’s Roses has been partnered with York Mind, raising money for York and Lancashire Mind, utilising such hashtags as #EndTheStigma and #ItsOkNotToBeOk. York Sport Union has been posting inspiring stories of University of York athletes on the Roses 2017 Facebook page, advertising this great cause to help generate donations, showcasing the role sport can have in helping people to talk about and cope with their mental health. Throughout the weekend, money will be raised through a variety of food stands and a pop up bar, along with other stalls and events, so be sure to look out for opportunities to donate.

Nouse will be live tweeting coverage of many events going on this weekend, so to follow it, you can go to the Nouse website, or follow #Roses2017 on twitter for updates.

Focus Sports Fixtures:

• Football Women’s 1st – 29th April at 11:00
• Rugby Union Women’s 1st – 30th April at 14:15
• Hockey Men’s 1st -29th April at 17:00
• Hockey Women’s 1st – 29th April at 15:30
• Volleyball Men’s 1st – 29th April at 19:30
• Lacrosse Women’s 1st – 29th April at 14:00