April 2017

YORK WIN ROSES – Sunday: Full Report

The last day of Roses was filled with suspense until the late afternoon, when it was reported that York had…

As It Happened: Roses 2017 – Sunday

Live coverage from the third day of Roses 2017

Roses Saturday: Full Report

  Before the start of Saturday, York were in the lead from Friday’s events and by the end of the…

York Dominate at Roses for Esports

Esport? At Roses? Well yes it’s true! And not only that it was worth points! Unfortunately due to various circumstances…

As It Happened: Roses 2017 – Saturday

Live coverage from the first day of Roses 2017

Roses Friday: Full Report

A full rundown of all the action on the first day of Roses weekend, with York taking a 45-36 lead

“I am the facts and figures”: Shakira Martin elected NUS President

Firebrand single mother ousts Malia Bouattia at NUS conference

As It Happened: Roses 2017 – Friday

Live coverage from the first day of Roses 2017

Roses Review: Pre-Weekend

Lancaster take a slender lead into Roses weekend after the first rounds of events

Why the NUS is in desperate need of democratic reform

Alex Lusty, NUS delegate and YUSU Activities Officer, makes the case for a middle ground on direct democracy

Roses Preview 2017

This year’s Roses shows York hoping to regain the title from Lancaster University who took the cup last year. With…

World Penguin Day: Overfishing and climate change impacts penguin populations

World Penguin Day is celebrated on the 25th April every year. This coincides roughly with the start of the annual…