New £25m Piazza building to open this year on Hes East

The University has begun work on a large infrastructure project in Heslington East. Including a 350-seat restaurant and additional classroom space managed by the library, the Piazza Learning Centre is scheduled to be open by the end of the calendar year.

This comes alongside the development of two new colleges in Heslington East, as the University projects a 60 per cent increase in the resident student population there over the next five years. The project follows a series of University building projects, such as the Spring Lane Building unveiled last year, and the £68 000 refurbishment of the Information Centre. Expansion of the East Campus is expected to bill £750m.

Pending proposals include more retail outlets, a pharmacy and a medical centre to replace the existing Heslington West surgery. Plans for this are currently in the consultative phase, as the City of York Council decides whether to approve them.

“As the population grows at this world-class university, we are looking to add further facilities that will also provide a community-wide benefit”, the University’s proposal to the City of York Council reads, “being available throughout the year for people who live locally and during the times when students and staff are on campus.”

The Piazza Building will also be home to the International Pathway College. The College currently provides international students with courses that enable them to enrol on standard degree programmes, if they do not meet the entry requirements of their course of choice.

Work on the three-storey development is on schedule. However, it is not known whether it will be complete for the induction of the next academic year’s student intake.