January 2017

Trump’s Mexican gambit

Instrumental to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was constructing a wall between the US and Mexico. Now that he is President, Matt Freathy discusses just how such a wall could be funded and specifically who will pay for it

The Supreme and High Courts upheld the core of our democracy, and we would do well to remember it

From a legal standpoint, the Supreme Court upheld a fundamental principle of British democracy, one that David Cameron ignored, argues Rory Kelly

Yes to NSS boycott campaigner switches sides mid-debate

A representative of the ‘Yes to NSS Boycott’ campaign has reportedly recanted his support, and switched sides in the middle…

Now is the time to combat the TEF, not boycott the NSS

Boycotting the NSS will do little against the TEF, while hurting our own university

Davos launches capitalism’s metamorphosis ?

Boris Arnold sheds light on developments at the World Economic Forum, an event contrary to the populist trends which are capturing the globe

York Women’s Equality Party talks business

The President and Secretary of the University of York’s Women’s Equality Party chat to Business Editor James Humpish about the national party as a pressure group, the gender pay gap and quotas

Business unusual: Airbnb

James Humpish analyses how Airbnb dominates as a means to finding flexible accommodation while not holding any property itself

Generation debt: are students doomed?

Alongside the louder political shockwaves of Brexit and Trump, 2017 promises to have a significant, yet subtler effect on students in the UK. Jack Harmsworth investigates…

Are video games art and should you even care?

Despite a persistent stigma, video games are moving from strength to strength, finding their feet as a serious artistic medium

Nothing to hide, plenty to fear from prying PM

The Government’s Investigatory Powers Act gives authority that could fall into the wrong hands, argues Liam Mullally

EDITOR’S OPINION: Always look on the bright side

Maybe 2016 wasn’t that bad after all

EDITOR’S OPINION: Veganuary is just the beginning

No one needs a campaign to go vegan