Volleyball victories continue for York

YORK MEN’S 1s played a fantastic game of volleyball on Wednesday against Manchester showing no signs of wavering as they walked away with a powerful win of 3-0, carrying on their winning streak. The opening set established York’s dominance as a team, with Manchester rarely receiving a point as York stormed ahead with a finishing score of 25-13.

Manchester returned from the break rejuvenated and ready to earn back what they had lost in the first set, but still not quite reaching the level of ferocity and determination shown by York as they attempted to re-establish their team with a score in the second set of 24- 21.

Manchester begin to take the lead in the second set, leading to a score of 13-12 to Manchester, but following an intense rally between the two teams and great work from Leif Fredheim, York started to bring back what they had brought to the first set, ending with a score of 24-21 as Fredheim’s spike leads them to be victorious for another set.

The third set is what really showed York’s promise; they remain yet to lose a match this term. There was very little chance of Manchester being able to catch them up point wise at this point in the match, and York were relentless in their spikes against them.

Mark Woodward showed his power as he blocked the ball from getting any further than two inches over the net. The final set ultimately finished 25-16 in favour of York and the extensive win shows how the Manchester team would not have been able to catch up despite their best efforts.

The sheer power of the York team was incredible. This victory, along with all the other successes made by the York men’s 1s team presents them as almost unbeatable, and hopefully this year they will be able to continue this indomitable success in matches to come.