Resounding Victory for Volleyball

YORK WOMEN’S 1s beat Leeds Beckett 1s spectacularly in a thrilling game of volleyball this Wednesday, ending in a 3-0 victory to York.

The opening set showed York’s superiority as 15 minutes into the game had passed and Leeds Beckett were yet to score a point. With York leading 11-0, it seemed unlikely that they were going to achieve any points any time soon.

York were serving with ferocity, particularly Maria, not even allowing for a rally to be established between the two teams. Leeds Beckett were making errors continuously, leading to members of the team growing increasingly frustrated as they were struggling to even get a shot in following York’s aggressive serving technique.

The two teams managed to establish a rally, with Leeds Beckett winning themselves a few points in the first set, but that was not enough for Leeds Beckett to win, as York finished the first set with a victory of 25-3. The communication within the York team was instrumental in their victory as they exchanged tactics efficiently with one another in order to win.

The Leeds Beckett team’s inefficient communication led to their downfall as they tumbled into one another, failing to signal where others would be going next. The second set opened with extreme promise for the York team because of their strong victory in the first set.

However, Leeds Beckett began to catch up with York, scoring a couple of points one after another, causing York to re-evaluate their techniques. Long rallies began to ensue as Leeds Beckett were able to change where they were going wrong, with strong work from Zolotariof who continually managed to get in spikes against the team as York continued to stay ahead.

A member of the Leeds Beckett team called for a timeout, and so during a short break, York sorted out the problems they were having that had led to Leeds Beckett beginning to catch them up, and they began fighting back stronger than ever. What was once only a fourpoint lead became seven points with a score of 16-9 to York, with spectacular spikes from the likes of Maria and Guobyte.

Furthermore, Beckett’s enthusiastic attempts to try and defeat York nearing the end of the game simply led to the ball continually going into the net, or merely going out of the playing area, leading to point after point going to York.

Leeds Beckett gave their best effort on Wednesday, but it was to no avail, as York completed the second set with another amazing victory of 25-13, showing how their valiant work was paying off as they won another set with a strong lead against the opposing team.

The third set of the game showed York’s determination, with particular efforts being made by Piou, bringing the team together and motivating them to continue playing with energy as they chanted “let’s go York, let’s go!” They played with power, conquering Leeds Beckett and completing the match winning all three sets. The York women’s 1s team have won many of their matches so far this season. If this week’s match was anything to go by, they will continue to sweep their matches with flying colours.