York St John students ‘threw dead pigeon’ at freshers

Eyewitnesses state a dead pigeon is thrown at Halifax students

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Image: Wikipedia

Freshers from Halifax College have informed Nouse of an incident in which a dead pigeon was thrown at the large group waiting to get into Club Salvation.

The incident is believed to have involved York St John students who were heading out for a sports night at the nearby Fibbers nightclub.

Nouse understands that the dead bird was thrown at the freshers, followed by chanting from both groups of people. Eyewitnesses reported how traffic along Rougier Street was brought to a halt as security had to step in to split up the two groups, who had met in the middle of the road.

The incident was very quickly resolved and nobody was harmed in the process, though it does raise questions over the tensions between the city’s two university bodies.

Halifax College Student Association chair Adam Walton commented: “Events moved very quickly. A dead pigeon was indeed thrown at our freshers as they waited to enter Salvation Club on Wednesday as part of their Freshers’ Week.

“Despite the event spirits did remain high among the freshers and a fantastic night was still had by all.”

Another eye witness, a STYC for Halifax, told Nouse that, “our freshers didn’t respond too kindly to having a pigeon lobbed at them from the other side of the road.

“Obviously alcohol levels and spirits were running high so keeping the situation calm was always going to be difficult. That said, nobody was hurt and Halifax definitely roared the loudest when it came to chanting.”

It is unclear as to whether there was a motive for the incident, which only lasted for a few minutes according to eye witnesses.

The University of York and York St John University are separated on some student club nights, with each Student Union assigned different dates for different events.

However when meeting on some nights, students have reported tensions between the groups.

“Students at UoY and York St John can be quite hostile towards each other,” one second year Linguistics student told Nouse.

“I’ve seen comments made by students from either uni quickly turn into spats. It’s fun to have a friendly rivalry, but the joke ends when things get out of hand.”

Disputes between rival universities made national headlines earlier this year, as The Daily Star reported a brawl broke out at an annual ice hockey fixture between the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, in which dozens were allegedly involved.

York St John Student Union have been approached for comment

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