Suicide Squad Review: Take One

offers her take on Suicide Squad and the audience response. She’s no fan of Amanda Waller

E/N: DC’s Suicide Squad has caused quite a stir among lovers and haters of it and Nouse delivers opposing sides with two short takes on the film. Here’s the first.


viola davis amanda waller I consider myself both a DC and Marvel person though I am nowhere near an expert on either; I just really enjoy a good superhero movie (I am wearing my Captain America t-shirt as I write this). Each universe provides different but equally good takes on the lives of superheroes. Dark, troubled, often rich orphans and twisted, disturbed villains hold a monopoly on the DC universe while Marvel houses the aliens, science experiments, and good triumphing over evil. To me, DC often has a darker tone than that of Marvel.  Putting aside my feelings about choices made for the new Justice League movie and how Louisiana exists in the same universe as Gotham, Starling, and Central cities, I am quite happy with the outcome of Suicide Squad.

For me, Suicide Squad was a good movie, despite what many people told me before seeing it. Receiving quite a lot of backlash over the portrayal of Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad provided its own take on her, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and the rest of the anti-hero gang. That is the thing about making a movie that comes from previously published material. It can never directly match pre-existing story lines, someone is going to be unhappy and they will complain. But that is just it – it is a movie! It is one single take on the many versions of the same character, and hardly a definitive one. Can we not just enjoy movies without breaking each other apart in the comments section anymore? The aggression surrounding the response to Suicide Squad suggests that this is unlikely.

This movie did confirm something that I had experienced while watching the Arrow (CW’s excellent take on the Green Arrow): I hate the character of Amanda Waller; she is just as bad as most of the villains in the DC universe. I get that she is a female in a male dominated work place who is trying to the – but is just an exasperating character. It was really confirmed when she shot 3 or 4 people just because they did not have security clearance. Come on woman! Use some of that mind wiping technology that probably exists! Was there not enough death in this movie? Amanda Waller isn’t the only “non-villain” who exasperates. The prison guards of the “villains” are assholes! I really hated them and after doing a human rights degree they definitely remind of some real life experiences that prisoners’ have had, which is depressing. But they were characters that again were created to be hated.

It’s an interesting take on showing that the villains aren’t the only ones to hate in this universe. With the combination of perfectly evil characters, interesting portrayals of classic villains, and a good balance of action and humour, the overall effect of Suicide SquAD was an enjoyable cinema experience. I look forward to future DC movies with the same actors and really hope to see more of Jared Leto’s Joker (who absolutely gave me the chills and really deserves more screen time in the future).

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