Edinburgh 2016 Review: Ruby Thomas: Chick

Ruby Thomas’ character sketch comedy starts strong, but doesn’t quite deliver. reviews

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Ruby Thomas’ character comedy ‘Chick’ starts promisingly. Her protagonist, the misogynistic presenter of a Sunday morning TV show is well crafted, and filled with witty mannerisms and jokes. The show guides us through the presenter’s family tree, examining the women who made him. Beginning in 1912, the flashbacks bring the audience through to 2010, with brief stop offs in 1941, 1969 and 1986.

Throughout the short sketches, once the main joke is established, the performance doesn’t really grow. The same point is repeated throughout, and while it is initially funny, it becomes tiring by the end of the sketch. The addition of Chris Adlington, Thomas’ comedy partner, on stage allows for some variation, but doesn’t completely save the performance.

The show’s ending also disappoints. Throughout the performance, much is made of the presenter’s repressed ‘mummy problems’. His failure to say the word “mum” and his downright refusal to acknowledge her existence runs throughout. The build-up of this point leaves the audience hoping for a final revelation, however this ends up being rushed during the show’s closing minutes, and seems careless.

The performance is hit and miss. Some characters are completely spot on, and offer some incredibly funny one-liners. Others, much like the show as a whole, still need a bit of work.

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