Teammates with YUWake’s James Hall

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Name: James Hall

Role: Trip Organiser
Year: 1st
Course: History

The best car. Dom and his VW Caddy, who are practically a couple. He said the worst part about moving to Germany is the long distance relationship he’ll be forced into.

The most intelligent.  That would be Dan, who is a PhD student and he struggles in a society that is dominated by humanities students.

The best motivator. Our president Jemma is the motivational core of the team, which really helps when you’re floating in freezing cold water while it’s hailing, yet she’s still teaching you to ski.

The best trainer. On a professional level, Jemma, but Mia for someone who has signed up as a beginner and improved at both waterskiing and wakeboarding.

The strongest. Spenny, as she’s also a rugby player.

The worst trainer. Our first introduction to Callum, who is a new member of the team, was waiting for him to arrive to our first Roses training session only to learn he didn’t realise it was on Saturday and was still in bed.

The most hardened drinker.  Lara, our previous president and founder of the society, will never let us down on a social by going missing halfway through and ending up in the back of the VW camper van in Kuda.

The biggest lightweight. ‘One bottle of wine Alicia’.

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