UYWRUFC seal whitewash for the White Rose

It was a second whitewash in a row for the Women’s Rugby club

Image: James Hostford

Image: James Hostford

First rugby game of Roses 2016, first try and first win. Women’s Rugby excelled themselves in the Sevens Seconds and Firsts. A game based on acute speed, the seven minute halves ran away like Grace Towey down the wide open left hand side.

The first half of the Seconds  game saw both teams score a try immediately, with York leading only just in terms of possession and general play. However, heading into the second half the standard of play picked up and Lancaster scored the first try.

This was shortly followed by a superb try, executed with ease, from Rachel Davies as she swerved down the end of the pitch just in time to receive a well-placed ball from Lucy Poulton.

From this point forth York really started to distinguish themselves from the other team; again play from the likes of Bri Kilpatrick proved the team to be more than capable with handling Lancaster’s aggression. Both teams had the advantage of speed on their side, with York’s Zoe Hinchcliffe leading the Seconds to a decisive victory as she scored a final try in the closing moments of the game.

For the Firsts it was Grace Towey, recently christened Speedy, who put Lancaster to shame. Pushing through straight away with a strong back line, the ball fell into Towey’s hand and she made a break for it almost from one side of the pitch to the other.

There was no one on the opposing Firsts team who could keep up with her, such was her drive and stamina. This talent proved especially successful in sevens because of the more natural spaces that arise with fewer players on the pitch – allowing Towey to run straight and with purpose when she received it.

Within the opening minutes of the game York had found a strategy that worked and Towey had a total of three tries by the end. York’s own Heny Stockdale and Megan Hull-Steward however were both responsible for the women’s equally strong defence.
By the end of the first half it was clear that York were the stronger side, and it simply continued in this trend. York’s Rugby women were a tournament highlight.

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