UYNC & UYRUFC Charity Netball

Credit: Wikipedia

Credit: Wikipedia

This Saturday at the Sports tent, the University Netball Club hosted a charity tournament alongside the Rugby Union and Football Club in aid of the British Skin Foundation and Macmillan.

One of the organisers and member of the netball team Amy Ross said that “around 60 people came down to the tournament” which was a “great” turnout and an excellent way of raising money for the two charities. Netball is one of the University’s most established clubs, and this is not the first time  that such a game has been hosted, having previously supported charities including the Motor Neurone Disease Association.
The idea behind the event is that anyone can come along with a team of either beginners or University players, with room to play for both girls and boys. This freedom of competition allows for a singular focus on the charitable aspect of the event. The boys of the UYRUFC put on an impressive display, mastering both the rules and technique to  put on a decent series of games. Notably it was the UYRUFC seconds who won despite playing against the girls of Alcuin’s College Netball team.
Across the country, university sports teams are well known for their charity fundraising, holding various charity events and using their influence socially among communities. Most recent successes include tasteful naked calendars with the Warwick Rowers leading the way for boys and Birmingham’s netball team setting a standard for the girls.
It was such a profitable student project that not only has it kept the Warwick Rowers team and society afloat but it has also made a considerable amount for charity. The University of Birmingham’s netball team took inspiration from the Calendar Girls creating classy black and white images that went on to sell well.
Perhaps a York calendar is in sight – nude teams, geese, sixties concrete buildings or otherwise. Fundamentally though the focus of these  projects is making money for charity. Calendars have the added benefit of  expressing the spirit of sport and the teams themselves.
This charitable weekend ends with a well deserved black tie dinner for the two clubs at the Grange Hotel in York to celebrate the money that they raised.

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