Sports Shorts: Roy Hodgson Returns

Icy courts stop sports

Recent temperatures in York have dropped to as low as -1 degrees causing significant problems for College Sport. The likes of 22 Acres are completely unusable and therefore sports such as rugby and football are struggling to train, never mind compete. Even the JLD became an ice-rink this week and was deemed unsuitable to play on because of health and safety. Luckily it is still early days and hopefully the weather won’t be too much of a set back.

Roy Hodgson returns

Hodgson is set to reurn to Heslington West to receive an honorary degree from the University on 22 January. He will also be giving a short talk on leadership and hosting a short question and answer session. The present manager of the English National football didn’t have the best year but here’s hoping with an honorary degree from York things will be on the up for him.

Outdoor tennis tables

At last the promised tennis tables have arrived, though Grace Clarke tells Nouse that they were incoveniently delivered to the YUSU office. Nevertheless they are en route to their chosen locations. An opening event is in sight which is earmarked for Week four , but is yet to be confirmed. You will find one table at Courtyard (conveniently placed for revellers to enjoy a pint with their ping pong) one by the YUSU Costa, and one in Halifax along the new and upcoming York Active Trail.

York Active Trail

Five different companies have been enlisted to create the greatly anticipated York Active Trail. With various pieces of equipment planned for all the stages it promises to be a new adventurous aspect of the campus.  This  is part of the same scheme which offers a loyalty card for £5 which gives you access to five fitness classes, as well as swimming for £1.50. It comes under a three year Sport England funded programme “that aims to increase sport and physical activity among students and staff at the University of York”, according to its website.

Facilities at York

York Sport’s Tennis Centre is being recognised with a special commendation as ‘LTA Yorkshire Higher Education Centre of the Year’. Yet improvements are being made, beginning with Tent refurbishments from the end of February. There are also extensive plans to develop the athletics stand and pavillion. Of course, with the recent flooding, there will also have to be improvements to the boat house.

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