Editor’s Comment: New year, old resolutions

hopes that you’ll follow through with that fitness kick

The new term, like the new year, is full of fake promises. The favourite ‘get fit’ resolution leads to new trainers, new gym memberships and new diets…but not necessarily new habits.

The gym, as it is only at the start of the year, seems unusually busy for the first two weeks, and regular gym-goers comment on the sudden influx of people at the Sports Centre.
Runners stare each other down on the route around Hes East in a bid to determine whether they’ll still be there in February.

Only time will tell who will survive the freezing cold, icy route to health in Heslington.
In light of this, the sporting members here at York can only be held up in greater esteem as they traipse out to 22 Acres and the 3G to train.

Or rather, as is more likely, wait for the weather to let them train as the JLD freezes over and fields amass to mud. Despite this, enthusiasm for sport at York outshines the harsh winter sun in anticipation for the thaw.

Sun and rain can be expected in Spring bringing about rainbow laces at College Varsity, the Colour Ball and Roses. With all the biggest sporting events of the year fast approaching and BUCs continuing there is even more reason to get involved.It is also good to see how much involvement and inclusivity is being encouraged. The Equal Opportunities scheme at York is ever growing and constantly launching new schemes.

Campaigns like ‘This Girl Can’ however prove just how much of a difference these things make. According to the BBC, independent research says 1.6 million of 2.8 million women aged 14 to 40 who recognise the campaign have now started exercising because of it.
This shows how important it is to remove barriers in sport for all. So not only will more people achieve their aforementioned dreaded resolution but a welcoming environment and an atmosphere of participation is created.

There is a reason why so many people every year pledge to exercise more and get involved in different sports, and it extends past the realms of fitness to that of friendship and support.

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