Game Review: Six Sides of the World

Cubes, portals and logic are the order of the day in this new puzzle game

Six Sides (3)Rating: ★★★☆☆
Platform: PC
Release Date: 20 January 2016
Developer: Cybernetik Design

Six Sides of the World is the first foray into games for one man studio Cybernetik Design. As things go it’s about as formulaic as things get. Following the trend of a large number of puzzle games over the last few years it focuses on one main mechanic, in this case moving between the faces of cubes, and builds up from there. However, just because it’s come for a tried and tested mould doesn’t mean that it’s dull, not in the slightest.

You start as a cute little submarine type robot on a cube shaped planet. If there is a story I managed to miss it completely, but I imagine it wouldn’t add much. Your goal is simple, collect the blue crystal which will open the blue portal and then get to the blue portal. From there you are introduced to portals, step into one green portal and you’ll come out at the other green portal. Blue portal to blue, red to red and so on.

It’s not long until the difficulty starts to ramp up. Soon you need to juggle switches, buttons that turn off after certain amount of time, deadly lasers, deadly water, gates that need to be activated in the correct order, pipes etc. Suffice to say it gets fairly complicated fairly fast. By the end of the third level (not even halfway through the game’s 50 or so levels) each puzzle was really testing me and completing each one felt like an achievement.

On the aesthetic of the game there’s not much to say. The music and art style are nice, they compliment the theme of the game and make it more interesting, but they’re just kind of there – not particularly standout.

My overall impression of this game is that it is… generic. And I think that’s not as much of a condemnation of this game as much as it is telling of what the current games market is like. As Daniel West said in his now famous Gamasutra article, maybe “‘Good’ isn’t good enough” in the current indie scene. Six Sides of the World doesn’t break any new boundaries or push the limits of gaming. But it is a very solid, fun and somewhat tricky puzzle game. Whilst it might not have widespread appeal, if you’re a fan of solving difficult puzzles that really need you to plan ahead and think then Six Sides of the World is an easy sell. This game was provided free of charge by the developer.

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