Ten things I learned this week

1. I love Justin Bieber. Buying my little sister Bieber tickets for Christmas was as much for me as it was for her. I’m not even ashamed.

2. Term begins with such good intentions. My aims to eat more healthily and be less of a terrible person have already gone out of the window. At least I tried.

3. January is the best month. All mistakes officially happened last year, which in mistake terms, is bloody ages ago. Clean slates are popping up all over the place.

4. I’m still a child. I recently signed up to LinkedIn in an attempt to feel more mature. I did however do this while watching Toy Story 3 and playing with the Star Wars Lego that I got for Christmas. I heavily suggest giving LinkedIn stalking a go, it is so in this year.

5. There are so many people at University who I will always say hello to on a night out but will never even acknowledge when on campus. If I’m in a good mood you may get a smile and an awkward mumbled “hey”, but don’t bet on it.

6. I hate people who actually make you guess when using the phrase ‘you’ll never guess what?’ You are the worst kind of people. I hope that something you love catches on fire.

7. I miss Christmas. December 25th is the only day of the year when you can drink spirits in your pyjamas and pass out in front of Downton. The annual ‘red wine and resentment’ with the family is always particularly exciting.

8. Don’t ask me if I did any work over the holiday. We both know the answer to that. If you spent all of your time working over Christmas, you are wetter than Fossgate. Just cram last minute like the rest of us.

9. Starting the term without money doesn’t bode well. If running out of money counted as exercise I would be absolutely ripped.

10. I hate people who make you move out of a reserved seat on the train despite the whole carriage being empty. Just sit in a different seat like everyone else.

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