Philosophy Department becomes more international

Course content for the Department of Philosophy changes in an attempt to incorporate “breadth beyond Christianity modules”

Image: Carl Spencer

Image: Carl Spencer

The course content of the department of Philosophy has changed to have a more international approach to teaching.

Dom Smithies, Department Representative for Philosophy told Nouse: “The changes were brought about for a multitude of reasons. At the heart of the change is the belief that diversity is invaluable, especially in academic disciplines as broad as philosophy.”

Dom Smithies continued: “It appealed to those interested in philosophy of religion but wanted breadth beyond Christianity modules. As well as ensuring diversity and a degree of representation in the course the reasons for which have been well established by the ‘Why Is My Curriculum So White’ campaign.

“The Course Rep team is always happy to hear any and all suggestions for improvement and concerns and the department is immensely responsive to the views of its students.”

Thomas Ron, Academic Officer said: “I’m not sure that philosophy students were initially unhappy, they were merely making recommendations to improve the course, ones that the department made quickly. Making the curriculum more diverse has been a campaign that our excellent BME officers Liz and Tamaki have headlined.”

The changes may not have have been significant to the course content as one Philosophy student commented “there is still a European focus within philosophy at the University”.

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  1. Perhaps I could comment in a personal capacity. We should note that this is not a recent change; our module on Indian Philosophy has been in place for a number of years, and we have also taught Chinese Philosophy for (I think) two or three years. We have introduced a module on Philosophy in the Islamic World this year, but this is something we have wanted to do for some time.

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