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Image: TZA

Image: TZA

Technology has infiltrated all walks of life from scrolling Facebook in between reps at the gym to watching YouTube clips while waiting for the bus. Many companies have built themselves to be reliant on our constant obsession with our phones for both entertainment and information purposes.

Uber, Spotify and CandyCrush are among a few. This year, two leading consultant psychiatrists and a game developer have partnered to develop an innovative app in the field of mental well being.

The ‘BeStressFree’ app was launched on 13 January at Exeter and Falmouth Universities and the company is in talks with many more universities in the UK. The app ‘gamifies’ exercises that are aimed to help prevent, manage and treat mental health conditions.  Apps such as ‘BeStressFree’ provide a good resource for those who may be suffering as they are so accessible.

If these resources were widely available and socially acceptable, many would benefit from having an additional tool literally in their pockets to cope with any everyday stresses they may face. For those prone to anxiety and stress, and for those who may find the pressures of studying or jobs getting them down, the opportunity to map these  tendencies in an  innovative way is a rather exciting prospect.

The new DrunkMode app may just be your next saviour.

Image: DrunkMode

Image: DrunkMode

With four main functions to keep you out of trouble (and help clean up the mess), this app promises to be a friend to students. The app’s four functions are as follows:

One – ‘Find My Drunk’ allows you to track your friends via GPS. You can also send them your location in a text message if you’re the one stranded in a dustbin.

Two – ‘Stop Drunk Dialing’ hides selected contacts so you cannot text or call them for up to 12 hours. Long enough for you to make it through the tipsy breakfast of coffee and leftover pizza to sober up.

Three – and possibly the most interesting of functions, is ‘Breadcrumbs’. The app uses GPS to track your every move. So if you’ve lost your keys, wallet or pinky toe on the way home, you may just be able to reclaim it.

Four – a panic button. Developed by FABRIQ, this can be added to the app for free by users. Pressing said button alerts verified contacts with an option to notify local authorities.

With over one million users DrunkMode is the most popular drinking and safety app. It’s also absolutely free, and available for both iPhone and Android. Brilliant for walking your friends home from afar – for your peace of mind as well as theirs – DrunkMode represents technology’s increased capacity for not merely convenience, but also for your everyday safety.

It’s not for everyone, but if you are prone to forgetting your drunken nights, the opportunity to re-live them may prove revealing and, quite possibly, sobering. DrunkMode takes reviewing your blurry club photos to a new and detailed level.

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