Game Review: Chiptune Champion

gets into the groove with this new rythym game

Image: Blake Garner

Image: Blake Garner

Rating: ★★★★☆
Platform: PC
Release Date: 8 January 2016
Developer: Blake Garner

Rhythm games are something of a guilty pleasure of mine. I used to be a pianist of sorts but these days rhythm games are about as close as I get. The genre regained something of a small resurge thanks to Crypt of the Necrodancer and Chiptune Champion looks to open a new year in style with some toe tapping melodies

Chiptune Champion plays very simply. When the ‘note’ scrolls down from the top to the bottom you need to press the corresponding key and then ‘strum’ by pressing another key. Press the notes as they come in order and occasionally hold it down for a while. Okay, so far so Guitar Hero. What does Chiptune Champion offer that other similar games don’t?

Games like this live and die on their music. Chiptune Champion comes with 40 ‘official songs’ from artist like MegaWolf77, 8BitHeros and Rymdkraft. They cover a broad range of different types to chiptune and the majority of them are pretty great songs. Each song comes with 3 different difficulty levels and even rookie is not that easy.

Where perhaps this game will take off is in the user developed songs. The included song editor is very easy to use and yet offers a wide variety of tools in order to let you add any track you want to the game. Whilst it’s a relatively easy process it’s very fiddly and creating each of the difficulties on a track would take a fair amount of time. If nothing else this lets you appreciate the work the developer must have put in. If the game takes off this is going to be where, whilst it might not have the customisability of something like Step Mania 5 it’s certainly a lot easier, and I can see some great content coming out of here that will extended the games life.

Chiptune Champion strips away a lot of the rubbish that other games have. No gimmicks, no cumbersome cross genre game play. Just good old fashion tap along to the beat. It’s hard, sure, but that means that when you eventually manage to get through a song it feels all the better. It’s something that steam until now surprisingly has seemed to have lacked and with it’s easy workshop access, if rhythm games are your thing then it’s an easy pick up. Please note that the review key for this was given free of charge by the developer.

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