December 2015

The York flood fiasco: Where did all the water come from?

Surrounded by the banks of the River Foss and the River Ouse, York is no stranger to flooding. The Kings…

Happiness: apparently not the medicine for a longer life

You may think those who are healthier are happier, but is this a misconception we face in society? Instead of…

Facebook Support Group created for students affected by flooding

Students are provided with updates, contact details and advice on how to cope with flood damage

Required Reading

In the wake of every sixteen year-old in Sweden being given a copy of We Should All Be Feminists, Munisha Lall discusses the texts teenagers ought to read

TV Review: Agents of SHIELD – Series 3 Episode 6: ‘Among Us Hide…’

With a pointless character death and a highly artificial plot point wedged in to it, this episode of Agents of SHIELD is the worst one in the series so far, says Thomas Ron

Game Review: Total War Attila – Age of Charlemagne

Sam Lees tries out world domination in the newest DLC for Total War: Attila

TV Review: The Apprentice – Series 11

Liam Dooley takes a look at this year’s series of The Apprentice after Joseph Valente was revealed as the candidate who is to become Lord Alan Sugar’s new business partner

York student housing – check your street for flooding

Check the extent of flooding in your street as Nouse brings you updates on flood levels in York’s student housing areas

TV Review: Agents of SHIELD – Series 3 Episode 5: ‘4,722 Hours’

Simmons’ time on the alien planet makes for one of the best episodes of Agents of SHIELD, says Thomas Ron

TV Review: Doctor Who – Series 9 Christmas Special: ‘The Husbands of River Song’

This year’s Christmas special of Doctor Who is surprisingly much better than Niall Whitehead anticipated, it’s a Christmas miracle!

Severe flood warnings in place for York’s student housing

The Environment Agency warns flooding may incur danger to life and advises preparation for evacuation

TV Review: Agents of SHIELD – Series 3 Episode 4: ‘Devils You Know’

A tough decision gives Hunter the chance to take centre stage for once in another decent episode of Agents of SHIELD, says Thomas Ron