Early Access: Spellsworn

Will fall under the spell of this arena game?

Spellsworn 1 (1)Platform: PC
Release Date: 2 November 2015
Developer: Frogsong Studios AB

I was given a copy of Spellsworn to review, however as the game is currently in Pre-Alpha I believe that to do so would be somewhat disingenuous. Instead I’ll be looking at what the game currently has to offer and where I hope it will go in the future.

Spellsworn is currently a part of the steam early access system. Unfortunately this has become something of a black mark against a game due to the tirade of awful asset flips and half-arsed things out there. Despite this I think that Spellsworn may actually do really well out of early access. My main reasoning for this is that the game is already perfectly playable and even fun.

Spellsworn as I said is already a ‘complete’ game, it’s just very basic and a little rough around the edges. The idea if the game is that you (alone or in a team) are put into a PvP arena that is constantly shrinking as damaging lava starts to cover the ground. The objective is simply to survive longer than your opponents. Each match is split into a number of different rounds and between each round you are able to buy and/or upgrade your spells so that you’ll be even deadlier in the next round. Whomever wins the most rounds wins the match!

The current roster of spells is somewhat diverse yet uninventive. Offering not only attack spells but a number of defensive, transportation and utility spells which means that there are lots of different options and there is no clear build to go for in order to win. For now at least the upgrading system is a dull stat increase and it seems that having more spells, and thus less downtime between casting something, is always a better choice. Beyond this there seems to be at least a few different characters models to unlock but as for current content that’s about it.

This lack of content is definitely the biggest mark against the game as after only a few matches I had had my fill. But this is, I hope, just the start of this game’s journey. The basic mechanics of the game are very solid and with the addition of a more detailed progression system, more spells and more modes as the game gets closer to release would make for a fantastic arena game and I for one am very much looking forward to what becomes of it.

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