TV Review: The Walking Dead – Series 6 Episode 6: ‘Always Accountable’

After a two week slump, The Walking Dead is back on top form, says


Image: Gene Page / AMC

Image: Gene Page / AMC

Now that is more like it! After the two episode slump, The Walking Dead is finally back to the great quality programming that we expect from a show in its sixth series. Between an ambush from other survivors, charred corpses that are still capable of taking a bite out of you, and a mysterious group that makes its members “kneel”, there’s not a dull moment in ‘Always Accountable’.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) really takes centre stage on this fantastic episode. When he is taken hostage by a group of three survivors on the run, a whole chain of events is started that involves our hero and these strangers continually going back and forth between trying to kill each other and working together to survive. Regardless of the perilous situation that he finds himself in, Daryl still holds true to his role within the main group and continues to look for suitable survivors for Alexandria. He clearly saw something in his three captors that suggested that they were only acting cruel out of desperation. With this episode coming shortly after the revelation of Morgan’s backstory, it is no difficult task to see the parallels between him and these three. The world that they live in has turned them cruel, but there is always the possibility for them to come back. “All life is precious”, Morgan had said when he saved Daryl and Aaron in series five, and in ‘Always Accountable’ we can see Daryl adopting some of this philosophy.

One of the three survivors that Daryl encounters is a particularly interesting figure for those who have read the comic books. The man who is only referred to as ‘D’ in the episode has been speculated to be Dwight, a figure from the comic books who is part of Negan’s group. With the recent casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, it is hard for fans to shake the concept that we will be seeing the Saviours this series. The fact that ‘D’ is running from a group that makes its members “kneel” and do things in order to be protected, it does make it seem like the Saviours were introduced this week. Dwight will eventually serve as a informant for Rick’s group, and D’s resistance to the group he is running from would suggest that he’d happily fill that role. The final bit of information that makes it seem likely that D is Dwight is the fact that the actor who plays him, Austin Amelio, tweeted about wrapping production on the series six finale. Rumours have already been suggesting that Negan will make his first appearance in the finale, so it would make sense that D would appear beside him too.

Finally, we have to discuss who it may be that we hear on the walkie-talkie at the end of the episode, asking Daryl for “help”. People have suggested that it might be Rick, to give reason as to how he might have escaped the walkers headed towards the RV. However, I don’t really agree with this, simply because, as unfortunate as it may be, I think that the moment has passed to explain Rick’s escape and the absence of that information was due to a poorly written script. Others have suggested that it may be D and his companion because in all reality, they’re not going to keep Daryl separate from his motorcycle and crossbow for long. Yet, the most likely candidate is Glenn. We’ve been waiting a ridiculously long time to find out his fate and as some savvy-eyed viewers have already spotted, the camera clearly showed a walkie-talkie on Glenn’s hip when he fell into the crowd of walkers. Now this may be a coincidence, but I think it would be the most likely way for him to receive the help that he needs in order to survive. Hopefully we will find out exactly who it was very soon!


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