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Image: James Hostford

Image: James Hostford

The 3G was privy not only to the rain, wind and finger bitingly cold weather but a strong performance from Langwith firsts. The same sadly cannot be said for Derwent who, although starting off strongly, soon fell behind when failing to match the shooting skills of their opposition.

In terms of actual play, however, the teams were well suited. No goals were scored in the first half – rather a strong rally across the halfway line persisted and only on a few occasions were feasible shots actually made. Derwent’s Boris Arnold played excellently in the opening half of the game, running forward with little attack from his opposing midfielders.

It was also with great speed and agility that he maintained superb control over the ball, meandering his way into the Langwith half on several occasions. However as Langwith grew increasingly aware of his ability, the likes of Cole Tennant-Fry and Jack Parsonson began to pay the industrious fresher extra attention, at times even resorting to cutting him down which warranted Derwent a fresh start in Langwith’s half quite a few times.
Not that they were able to convert these efforts into goals.

Notably Joe Stones was responsible for Langwith’s lack of success in the Derwent side with a great amount of assistance from Alexander Milton.  They worked well as a pairing passing it back and forth on several occasions and making the long traverse down the side of the pitch in an impressive amount of time.

In contrast, the second half saw some shabby play from Derwent, this by all means does not suggest that Langwith played particularly  well or any better however there was certainly a drop in the standard from Derwent. Perhaps it was the worsening weather conditions or the frustration of not making any actual progress.
Derwent  then began to bunch up in their own half. This created an unnecessary build up in defence and their actions preempted Langwith’s attack. Langwith took possession in the opening minutes of the second half. It was Maney in midfield who really came alive. So much so that he took over from Arnold as being the one to tackle when making the shift across the halfway line.

Both light on his feet and aware of openings towards the penalty box, he worked well with the fervour of Eniraiyetan who was always ready to receive and take a shot however precarious his position.In the flurry of feet the ball found itself into the back left corner of the net on two occasions.

The first was with the aid of Gohil-Patel; who had been swerving in and out of the Derwent defence for a considerable amount of time with the help of small passes to Leach and the second was with the aid of the Derwent keeper.
That being said, there was a small glimmer of hope for Derwent when Matt Kirkum managed to turn the ball around and run in the opposite direction towards Ryan Conner and Rob Nicholson.

It showed some tenacity from the losing side and echoed the equality of play from the first half.  But the transition was not smooth enough to prevent Langwith from taking the ball back and kicking it up and away from any prospect of a Derwent goal.

The final goal was set up nicely by Langwith’s Hudson, who intercepted the ball from a Derwent throw in made by Milton. This move ensured the ball made its way into the Derwent half. Eniraiyetan went for the goal but just missed. Yet as Derwent kicked it back out, Parsonson’s header hit it straight back into the net, securing one final goal for Langwith as the match came to a close.

Usually perennial relegation candidates, Langwith look a team renewed this season, and a force to be reckoned with.

Their victory over rivals Derwent seconds comes off the back of impressive wins over both Alcuin firsts and Vanbrugh, and a hard fought draw with Halifax, which leaves Langwith third in the Premier Division, above arch-rivals Derwent firsts.

Langwith: Vasiliu, Cheung,  Leach, Hudson, Grindell, Parsonson, Vidal, Tennant-Fry,  Maney, Eniraiyetan, Gohil-Patel

Subs:  Hammilll

Milton, Arnold,  Reynolds,  Stones, Conner,  Cooper, Kirkum, Nicholson, Barker,  Reischert, Aughterson

Subs:  Farage

Player of the match: Boris Arnold

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