Concerns over football fixtures

Image: James Hostford

Image: James Hostford

Concerns have been raised with the College Sport Officers over the distribution of this term’s College Football fixtures. Complaints were lodged earlier in the year after the provisional fixtures list was issued to college captains. The list was revised and appeared to reflect a more complementary and balanced distribution.

The distribution of college fixtures had appeared to confer an advantage on certain teams over others in the provisional schedule, leading one college to file a complaint. Concerns are understood to be ongoing with the revised fixture list.

Scheduling of matches to be played on 17 and 18 October are now under question from the college, and an investigation is currently being undertaken.

Wider concerns were raised by the same college with the league system, who told Nouse, “The real problem is that the system is simply unsustainable. When it was introduced, they  did not consider the impact it would have when colleges have multiple teams in one league. It is now becoming impractical and simply making College Football difficult and unenjoyable for some teams.”

YUSU’s College Sport Officers were contacted but could not provide further information, citing an ongoing investigation into the matter.

Deliberations over fixtures are nothing new to the College Football system. In the 2014/15 season, Vanbrugh inquired about the possibility of the College Cup final fixture being re-arranged due to half of their players leaving for a tour of Budapest on the day of the final.
After consultation, it was decided that the final would not be moved, as the date had been pre-decided and the teams informed in good time, thus moving the final would have given an unjust advantage to Vanbrugh ahead of James.

The final was played out with Vanbrugh having to field a weakened squad, and ultimately losing to James in the college football showpiece event.


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