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  • Trouble at TalkTalk
    Three people have been arrested in connection with the TalkTalk cyber hack where up to 1.2 million email addresses, names, phone numbers and bank details were accessed. A 15, 16 and 20-year old have been arrested on suspicion of Computer Misuse Act offences. A property in Liverpool has also been searched in connection with the significant and sustained attack on the TalkTalk website on 21 October.
  • Drone Delivery
    The delivery method that belongs in sci-fi movies of the 90s may soon be landing on our doorsteps. Called Project Wing, the Google initiative aims to deliver their goods to consumers using robot aircraft sometime in 2017. Details are scarce; it is unknown what type of drones will be used and the limits on packages that will be delivered. Other well-known online retailers such as Amazon are experimenting with drone delivery claiming goods up to 2.3kg could be ferried by robot. The distribution method has been met with some controversy, that is primarily cluttering of air space, civilian privacy and safety.
  • Cyber Snooping

    Image: Dennis Skley

    Home Secretary Theresa May has taken to the BBC to defend a bill which will allow authorities to access private web histories. Without a warrant ordered by a judge, police would be able to view basic domain addresses but not a full browsing history of pages within a site that an individual has visited.
    May claimed that more ‘contentious’ powers of a previously proposed bill have been removed in the hope that it will be passed through Parliament. She added that more than 1,400 warrants authorising more intrusive measures land on her desk every year. Should the bill be passed this responsibility would be passed instead to independent judges​

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