Game Review: Fuego!

takes a trip to the Wild West

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Rating: ★★★☆☆
Platform: PC, Linux
Release Date: 16 November 2015
Developer: radiostatic

Fuego is best described as a real time puzzle game. Whilst baffling at first, the concept of the game is rather simple. Two players will each be assigned the same random set of ‘Banditos’ (anthropomorphised animals with guns dressed as bandits) and must take it in turns placing them on the board with the aim of having the most money at the end of the shootout.

Like most good puzzles it has a set of clearly defined rules. When a Bandito shoots a bank it then picks up a bag of money; if they’re then shot then the money goes to the Bandito that shot them. Banditos with fewer guns fire first and a bullet stops once it hits a bank, chicken or another Bandito. Each player places their Bandito simultaneously and strategy and quick calculations are required so that you can try and come out on top. If you both place on the same stop both characters will die reducing your options.

Alongside this PvP experience you also have the puzzle mode. This consists of 60 different preset puzzles which firstly encourage you to master various aspects of the game and then eventually present you with difficult challenges. Whilst interesting it doesn’t take particularly long to get through and there is little in the way of replay value.

Fuego is one of those easy-to-learn, hard-to-master games. There’s not many rules but there could be a huge amount of strategy for those with the mind for it. The controls are also nice and clear to use, each character shows clearly exactly where it’s bullets will go (I only messed up maybe once or twice in my entire time playing).

Fuego has a wonderful aesthetic. The Bandito’s all look great and everything is heavily stylised. This combined with the great soundtrack made for a truly Western feel.

My main concern with Fuego is most definitely it’s play time. After only fifteen to twenty minutes whilst my friend and myself had enjoyed playing the PvP we’d both had our fill. And with the puzzle mode taking maybe forty minutes or so to get through, the game didn’t hold me for very long. If more modes, puzzles or even a level creator is added in the future it would make it a much better investment. For now, however, it’s probably only worth picking up nice and cheap for maybe an hour of fun with friends.

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