TV Review: The Walking Dead – Series 6 Episode 5: ‘Now’

A sub-par filler episode of The Walking Dead leaves a lot to be desired. reviews


Image: Gene Page / AMC

Image: Gene Page / AMC

Does anybody have any bread at hand, because ‘Now’ has provided us with enough filler to make a mediocre-episode sandwich! When you really think about it, this week’s episode doesn’t progress the story on much in anyway, perhaps aside from revealing that Maggie is pregnant (which I will get onto shortly). Not every moment of the show needs to focus on the larger characters (e.g. Rick, Carol and Daryl), but there is a good reason why nobody’s favourite character is the likes of someone such as Tara… ‘Now’ does give these lesser figures a chance to stand in the spotlight, but it unfortunately does it in such a redundant way.

First off, does anybody else think that they chose to change the sexuality of the new doctor from her comic book counterpart just to give Tara some mild relevance to the story now? Don’t get me wrong, it is great to have another gay couple in the show alongside Aaron and Eric, but Denise and Tara’s relationship just felt extremely forced. Ever since she recovered, she’s simply just been meandering around Alexandria with little to no purpose. As harsh as this may sound, she actually contributed more to the show when she was lay on the hospital bed and causing the likes of Eugene and Glenn to fear for her. Her first relationship in the earlier days of the show was actually quite a legitimate and interesting story, but I’m not so sure that the same can be said at this stage in relation to her and Denise.

As a character herself, I have really been struggling to sympathise with Denise. There’s only so many times that you can see her breaking down from the stress of her newfound responsibility before it loses its impact. With this week’s patient, there was no feeling of urgency or genuine cause for concern (although I’m no doctor and it was most likely explained why it was so life-and-death), or at least it was poorly conveyed to the audience. Let’s get Denise out there and interacting with other aspects of the post-apocalyptic life aside from medical care sometime soon and let her character develop beyond just her crippling fear of failure.

Probably the only exciting reveal in this week’s episode could potentially be that very chance for Denise to prove herself a more worthwhile character in the show and that is the fact that Maggie is pregnant! Although pregnancy can be equally as life-threatening in The Walking Dead as any group of walkers, Maggie is quite fortunate to be pregnant in an environment that has a doctor. When Lori gave birth to Judith, it was one of the most traumatising things in the show’s history, and as the person who delivered the child through this horrifying ordeal, I wouldn’t be surprised if Maggie is a bit apprehensive about it all! If they do kill off Glenn, it would create an interesting situation for his widow and their child, especially in regards to the dangers that the child will face in this new, chaotic world.

Now, I will finish off this review with my main complaint about this week’s episode. All of the tension built up in the shocking cliff-hanger of episode three, if we are going to forgive the ill-placed fourth episode, was completely lost by the way that ‘Now’ responded to it. For starters, why did they not explain how Rick escaped from all of the walkers heading to his RV? No amount of Andrew Lincoln running amongst the dead yelling “open the gates” can justify not explaining how he got out of that one! Secondly, why the hell haven’t we found out if Glenn is alive or not?! It is getting to the point that it’s frustrating, and not even in the good, exciting way. Next week’s episode will focus on Abraham, Sasha and Daryl, so we won’t find out then, so my bet is that they’re holding out for the reveal in the mid-season finale.

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