Album Review: The Neighbourhood – Wiped Out!

reviews the dark and stormy sounds of The Neighbourhood’s latest album

SOURCE: Album Artwork

SOURCE: Album Artwork

RATING:  ★★★★☆

They are the band who turned down TV appearances because they couldn’t appear in black and white, their music is often associated with the word ‘moody’ and they had a big hit about sweater weather. Yes it is happening, The Neighbourhood just came out with their brand new album Wiped Out!.

Following their first album’s style we get the alternative rockish sound again, but they seem to emphasize more on their R&B side than before. Just like on their debut album I Love You the band stick to singing about the uglier side of being a young adult. Listening to songs like ‘Cry Baby or the album opener track ‘Preyyou can see that the band still see the world as just as dark as their black and white image. They produce the most amazing tracks for a gloomy Sunday evening with a cup of coffee that make you want to stay inside sitting beside a window wishing the rain would never stop.

The whole album has got that kind of a ‘dirty’ sound, which gives the illusion of listening to an old vinyl record borrowed from your father’s collection in the middle of the night. ‘Greetings from California could easily fit into a David Lynch movie soundtrack with it’s reflection about what it actually means to live in the American Dream. The album has a similar flow to the first one following in its themes and darkness, but they experimented more on this release. You can see the album’s diversity from the jazzy sounds in tracks like ‘The Prey‘, through to the more guitar heavy tracks like ‘Ferrari‘, and up until the last track of the record ‘R.I.P 2 My Youthwhich uses some classical hip hop sounds in order to create a real paradox, bringing alive the singers own imaginary death. It might not have that one hit track that I Love You had with ‘Sweater Weather, but there are plenty of interesting lyrics and catchy tracks on it which are definitely worth a listen especially if you liked songs like ‘Afraid’ or ‘Female Robbery’ from their first album.

Jesse Rutherfold (lead vocal) claimed in an interview that Rock‘n’Roll is dead and no bands have an actual idea about what is going on right now in the music industry. If that is how ‘The Neighbourhood’ plays music when they have no idea what are they doing, it is hard to imagine what would they actually do if they had a clue. They might believe that Rock’n’Roll is dead, but as an outsider it is impossible to deny the obvious Rock‘n’Roll vibe around them. If you liked bit darker music with heavier lyrics like Nirvana then go and give a listen to The Neighbourhood’s new album.

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