TV Review: Lewis – Series 9 Episode 6: ‘What Lies Tangled’ Part Two

Lewis and Hathaway take their final bow and thus end the story of the man who has been described as the nicest copper on TV. reviews


Image: ITV

Image: ITV

It’s nearly a year to the day that my last, final review of Lewis was printed and yet here I am again at the end of Series Nine saying a proper and definite farewell. I hope… As I remarked last time, it’s a strange feeling that I should feel a sense of déjà vu; this time round it wasn’t so strong but that doesn’t mean the story wasn’t.

Last week, we left the boys in impending doom as a parcel bomb exploded whilst they were meeting the victim’s brother. Fortunately all three were left unharmed, but the murderer’s identity remained a mystery. I have to commend this episode in particular for being the most puzzling one out of the entire series. I would quite readily admit that my sleuthing skills have never been particularly well tuned, but this time I was utterly thrown off. There were the obvious red herrings (The Guitteau’s), but the murderer’s identity was brilliantly shielded throughout the entire piece. Not, I must say, that it seemed inconsistent with the character, but that credit should be due to the writer for concealing the twist.

There were some standout performances from the episode; in particular David Warner who appeared as the tender, but defensive Donald Lockston. His relationship with Sarah Alderwood (Mali Harries) was particularly sweet and touching. A relationship not of convenience but of care and genuine feeling; a particularly refreshing feature in a drama that often involved more than its fair share of adultery.

Also under scrutiny this week was Hobson and Lewis’ relationship; we’d seen a few wobbles last week from Lewis as he stressed about his six month trip to New Zealand. This week, however, he went too far, reducing the usually tough Laura Hobson to tears, as he made the decision to not go to New Zealand, fearing his job was on the line. It was both excruciating and sweet to watch Laura compare him to Morse, as she damned him for wanting to be “carried out of the building” rather than give up his job. Fortunately, the gentle Geordie learnt the error of his ways with a stern talking to from Hathaway and all was well again.  I have always adored the on screen chemistry of Kevin Whately and Clare Holman; they have definitely come a long way from Holman’s first appearance on Morse in the episode ‘The Way through the Woods’ in 1995.

There were, as always, a few issues with the plot; the story of Djmon Adomakoh, the student who couldn’t get his visa, did by the end feel a little superfluous to the story, though it did help to keep up the suspense as to the actual killer. Fortunately, such issues failed to dampen show’s finale.

The ending of the episode was particularly sweet, as Hathaway’s makeshift sign and Lewis’ interesting choice in holiday shirts returned, almost throwing the pair back ten years to the first time they met. A very fitting end to the show and a neat way to show the growth of the characters.

What more is there to say? This really is it. I thanked them last time and I shall again. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch two characters evolve and their worlds with it. These days there aren’t enough good detective duos on TV, let alone ones of the calibre of Lewis and Hathaway.

What better way would there be to celebrate them than to head off for a drink. Pint?


  1. 11 Nov ’17 at 2:48 am

    marilyn carpenter

    Bring this series back with this duo even for a one off – such delight, even better than Morse !

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  2. 7 Aug ’18 at 2:03 am

    Rhonda O’Dowd

    Bring back more series, if possible, l love watching this show and hate the thought of not seeing them on screen together again.

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