Tobacco and tuberculosis research

University of York researching into tobacco related diseases

Image: Raul Lieberwirth

Image: Raul Lieberwirth

A new study has begun at The University of York aimed at finding ways to reduce pressure on healthcare systems around the world from the treatment of tobacco and tuberculosis (TB).

A four-year long collaborative project between the University’s Department of Health Sciences and Hull York Medical School (HYMS), the study aims to reduce the burden of tobacco related lung diseases. The project will be led by Dr. Kamran Siddiqi, a senior lecturer in public health in the Department of Health Sciences and HYMS.

Over half of the world’s TB cases are found in Pakistan and South-east Asia, which will be the focus of the study with the project working in Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

They will look at the most effective and inexpensive ways to stop people from smoking and incorporate these into TB programmes.

Dr. Siddiqi said: “We hope that by studying the ‘real world’ influences on the implementation and success of tobacco cessation, we’ll be able to translate study findings into benefits for patients.”