Introducing: The Dunwells

chats to Joe Dunwell on their origins, their time in the US and working on their next release


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Yorkshire-born indie rockers The Dunwells have been building a buzz for themselves over the last few months with their latest single ‘Hey Now’ and hints to their upcoming album. Ellie Langford chatted to vocalist Joe Dunwell about their origins, their time in the US and working on their next release.

How does working with your brother and such close friends affect your music?

It makes it better! We really try to make whatever we do as fun as possible. We’re just four mates making music for the love of it. And more so now than ever, especially since we’ve got this new album coming in January, we’re really excited playing all this new material on the tour.

What was it that made you decide to start making music together? What brought you together as a band?

We played at a local pub show, something like that. We were solo artists, or at least trying to be solo artists, and then somebody said “oh why don’t you get together” and we decided to get together and we’ve never not been together since. Rob (Clayton) and Dave (Dunwell) were best friends at school, Adam (Taylor) I went to college with. It felt really natural.

Did you all have similar tastes in music?

Rob and Dave definitely, they were into Oasis and the likes when they were growing up. We’ve all got different tastes but it kind of works though. We all kind of put our on flavour into it.

Are there any artists around at the moment that you particularly admire?

I’m a big fan of Radiohead and The Killers; Radiohead are releasing a new album next year so I’m very excited about that. Coldplay I’m a big fan of. It’s a really big time for my music that I kind of like, everyone’s releasing new albums at the same time.

You’ve played a lot in America recently, how did the States treat you?

They treated us really well actually! They all thought we were Irish because of our Yorkshire accents. But musically, they loved it. We’re signed to an American label so we will be spending more and more time out there. When we came home from America we kind of had nothing to come home to, we toured America and then came home and did nothing in the UK. But we’ve got a buzz about us in the UK and a buzz in the US across the water, so it’s a really exciting time for us.

From touring in the UK and America, are there any gigs that stick out in your memory? The kind you’d tell the grandkids about.

America-wise would have to be playing Red Rocks in Colorado which was unbelievable, there was like 9000 people watching us. In the UK we played Reading Festival to like 5000 people, it was incredible.

You worked with some pretty big names for your last EP, is there anyone in particular that really helped you find your sound?

I think Steve Harris (Kodaline, The Kaiser Chiefs, The Wombats) has been the catalyst to what we are now. He really took us and shook us about. He didn’t really tell us what to do he just sat back and waited for us to tell him what we were. The fact that he had the patience to do that is incredible and it worked for us. Steve Harris has been instrumental to the whole Dunwells sound.

You’ve got an album coming out in 2016, how’s that coming along? Can we expect any big changes from the last EP?

It’s going to be in between our last EP and ‘Hey Now’, it’s got its organic local harmonies but it’s also got a bigger sound. We like these songs to play live and I think they’ll fit in a live environment. We’re playing a lot of the material on tour.

How are you feeling about touring, what with playing new material?

I’m excited, really really excited! This is the last tour of the year for us, so it’s kind of a wind-down period. Obviously next year when the album comes out it’s going to get mental so it’s like the calm before the storm.

When can we expect the album?

I think we have a date of the 22nd January. It will be announced fairly soon.

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