Game Review: Dawn of the Plow

learns the ills of plowing snow all day

Image: Trichotomy

Image: Trichotomy

Rating:  ★☆☆☆☆
Platform: PC, Mac
Release Date: 2 November 2015
Developer: Trichotomy Games LLC

I despise this game. Pure and simple. After loading it up my immediate thought was that this was a port from mobiles. A quick search of the play store let me know that my assumption was indeed correct. It has a high rating of 4.3 so I was expecting something fun and simple. Simple? Sure. Fun? Not at all.

Dawn of the Plow has only two modes. Driving around a map clearing the roads of building snow whilst avoiding the cars so that they can leave the area, and driving around destroying the ‘snow mobiles’ before they can leave the area. There are a number of different sizes of maps, that, once unlocked, will increase the difficulty. There are some power-ups you can grab to help you but they’re largely uninventive and just either slow the piling up of snow or let you keep going for longer before you’re kicked out due to ‘low approval’.

The art style of the game is somewhere between simple voxels and 8-bit era graphics, massively uninspiring but functional. The soundtrack is probably the best thing about the entire thing, it’s a largely alright, short set of 8-bit tracks that would have probably sat quite happily over an old NES game. The problem with this is that you just can’t hear it over the incredibly annoying rumble of your engine that continues constantly throughout play.

The above points however do not make the game bad. Sure it’s limited in its scope and is largely generic, dull and even a little annoying but so are many games out there. For a mobile port, it’s not doing to badly. I mean it’s not trying to shove microtransactions down my throat. But it’s unforgivable sin comes in the form of its controls. They are shockingly bad. Turning takes some time and it takes longer when you’re on snow. But even with that it seems to be slightly different every time and sometimes you end up in between two tiles so you don’t plow anything! It’s near impossible to get to where you want to go. Don’t mistake these dodgy controls for difficulty – it’s incredibly infuriating.

Dawn of the Plow is not a game I can recommend at all. It’s boring exterior twinned with its incredibly bad controls means that this game is just not fun at all. Maybe it’s much better on mobiles and tablets but I have no intention of finding out. When faced with all of the options that Steam provides, no matter how much this game is on sale, there will be something better and cheaper.

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