TV Review: Lewis – Series 9 Episode 5: ‘What Lies Tangled’ Part One

Lewis and Hathaway’s last ever murder case is not only a thoroughly explosive ordeal, but is also highly realistic, says


Image: ITV

Image: ITV

If I thought that last week’s episode did an injustice to Lewis and Hathaway, then this week’s episode more than made up for it and just in time as well. Yes, with confirmation from ITV this week that next week’s episode will indeed be the last ever episode of Lewis, the boys have time to face one more murder case and this time it is explosive.

‘What lies tangled’ refers to the profession of this week’s murder victim: a mathematician who has spent his life trying to undo the puzzle that is knots. Who ever said that the characters in Lewis were hard to relate to?

What set this week’s episode apart from last week’s and many others across the Lewis series was that (sadly) it actually seemed possible.  Sometimes Lewis can go too far and try and include too many plot elements which simply become un-relatable; I seriously doubt many people can relate to the religious cults of last week’s Lewis. This week, the balance was fine-tuned and was exactly the kind that we needed to counteract the shock of the explosions at the start and the end of the episode.

It was Lewis himself that came under the spotlight this week, rather than his long standing companion. The new story line being that he may not want to go to New Zealand after all. This seems to be one of the few farfetched ideas in this week’s showing as, given the exposure that this plot piece has already had (I predicted it as the exit route for Lewis about a month ago), it seems silly to undo it all for a side line story. What this reviewer really wants is some solid explanations regarding Hathaway and his father, as suddenly this week all seems fine between the pair.

Speaking of odd side lines, what is going on with Maddox? I feel she may have a story to tell and I think the boys picked up on it too during the pub scene, which featured this week’s golden Lewis and Hathaway moment. Perhaps her marital bliss will come into question next episode? It does all seem rather a lot for the final Lewis episode to handle and I’m not sure it will.

But the question that we all have on our lips is as to whether our favourite duo have managed to escape the terror of the bomb blast? It would be a real shock for one of them to suddenly die in the final episode, but it would be fitting of the Colin Dexter franchise. After all, in the last episode of Morse –beautifully titled ‘A Remorseful Day’ – Morse himself succumbs and the series concludes. Though it would break this reviewer’s heart to see it so, it would prevent ITV from recommissioning the show once more; which any Lewis fan will tell you has become uncomfortable in the past few years.  Whatever happens I’ll be back next week for one final look as Lewis comes to a close once and for all.

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  1. Anyone know the name of the pub in this episode????? Looks great!!!

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