Celebrating 5 Years of Aesthetica Short Film Festival

previews the Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2015

When was the last time you saw a short film? Accessibility of feature films is much greater than short films which explains why many short films don’t enter into popular culture. But with their ability to show originality with small budgets, short films are essential for many filmmakers – new and experience. And for those in, and around, York, there will be no excuse for not having seen a short film by the end of this week. The city of York will soon be inundated with in excess of 300 options as the city is taken over by the country’s leading short film festival.

Image: Shezad Dawood, Towards the Possible Film. (ASFF Artists’ Film category)

Image: Shezad Dawood, Towards the Possible Film. (ASFF Artists’ Film category)

Yes, hold on to your wallets and be prepared to purchase the affordable tickets. The Aesthetica Short Film Festival is here again.

Aesthetica is a British Art Magazine founded in 2002 covering photography, visual art, film and theatre. Eight years later the organisation launched Aesthetica Short Film Competition celebrating independent short film from around the world. A year later the competition became the Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) and now, in 2015, it is celebrating its 5th anniversary.

Since its inception ASFF has screened more than 1500 films from more than 65 countries, and this year the organisers promise that this will be the best year for the festival, yet.

ASFF functions as a qualifying round for films wishing to be considered for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards and the competition this year is particular strong. The organising team has revealed that 2015 thousands of entries from which the ultimate selections were chosen from. And the festival will not just be home to these newfilms. A special screening of Simon Armitage’s Richard Heslop’s The Raft. As the festival solidifies its role in cinema festivals it will be featuring special screenings of winners from previous years with panel discussions.

ASFF has emerged as a particularly impressive festival for more than just the variety of films offered, though. This year, as in previous years, the festival will featute masterclasses from various film giants offering professional expertise on certain aspects of film. Thus far, confirmed for Master Class presentations are BAFTA winning Warp Films’ Head of Production Barry Ryan (Berberian Sound Studio, This is England) and David Allain, Creative Director from Rankin Film.

For those not native to the city, ASFF presents an opportunity for visitors from overseas to enjoy film while making their way around the gorgeous city of York, previously voted European Tourism City of the year in 2007. Instead of screenings in a concentrated location, the festival bringing diverse locations such as the National Centre for Early Music, Yorkshire Museum and National Railway Museum alive with cinema. ASFF has always been credited for its high international contributions, with many films coming from distant countries. Having the festival held all around York presents a great opportunity for culture exchange as well as cinematic viewing.

In keeping with its bigger and better approach this year the organisation has released a gargantuan 150+ page programme online which features great images and a comprehensive run down of the films being offered which range in genres from documentary to comedy to dance to fashion.

All in all Aesthica presents a key opportunity to expand one’s cinematic horizons. Information on ticket prices can be found here and students of the University of York will be happy to know that there are student discounts available.

Now you have no excuse for not having seen a short film.

A trailer for the festival below:

The BAFTA Qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival runs from the Thursday November 5 to Sunday November 8

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