Close call between Derwent and Langwith

Image: James Hostford

Image: James Hostford

Derwent just secured their win over Langwith in the tent, a close game, the college’s first teams are very much in competition with each other.

Although Langwith initially took possession, Derwent very quickly began to dominate both ball and court. Goal shoot Caitlin Little managed to take a shot within the opening minutes of the game and despite it being unsuccessful it did anticipate the teams speed of play. A very tight set of passes were established by Derwent between goal attack Georgie Bate, wing attack Beth Freane and centre Charlotte Beckett which made for a solid system of getting the ball into the goal circle. Then with the help of obstruction from Langwith Bate was able to take several shots and score the first point.

It wasn’t until four minutes into the game that Langwith finally secured possession, goal keep Victoria Fishpool made a very strong pass to centre Chelsea Wade that set up the success to come of goal shoot Afoma Ojukwu. This being the first of many auspicious shots, the ball went straight up and in, it soon became clear as the game progressed that once in Ojukwu’s hands a goal was eminent.

Unfortunately though Langwith’s defence was not as strong and could not subdue Derwent’s trinity of Bate, Freane and Beckett in attack. Only a minute later after Langwith’s clear shot and five minutes into the game, Derwent was back in possession and Little too had asserted her strength in position of goal shoot bringing the score to 4-1. 

Heading towards the half way point Derwent was aided by a few minor infringements made my Langwith such as travelling or simply silly passing. That being said, Derwent proved they didn’t necessarily need it when Beckett made a beautiful beeline for Bate in a swerving shoulder pass; which then enabled her to pass to Little who safely deposited the ball into the net. Langwith did get close to a goal eight minutes in but it quickly became a missed opportunity.

The first half of the game closed in the characteristically strong style of Derwent’s trinity, who veered the ball round the defence only to see it skim the ring of the goal at the hands of Bate. Luckily though Little was able to catch the ball as it fell, stood slightly further away from the net it made the swiftness and accuracy of her shot all the more impressive.

Going into the second half Derwent took the lead not only in the score being 6-1 but in overall possession and confidence. It gave no indication of the final result nor of Langwith’s later capabilities or more specifically that of their goal shoot’s. Although they did lose the ball on several occasions due to mistakes, ultimately they did get it into the goal circle and to Ojukwu. Within three minutes they had begun to catch up in what was a spectacular come back. More effective passes and awareness of each other allowed Langwith to begin to bridge the score gap, four minutes  in and the score became a much more even 6-4.

In light of Langwith’s more impressive play, Derwent’s ladies in the wings the aforementioned Freane and wing defence Bethan Walford stepped up in a series or long passes across the middle third. Although initially Bate missed the shot, once again Little scored and this enabled Derwent to take back possession from the start of play.

An impressive takeover from centre Beckett, bounce pass to Freane and then a quick back and forth just proved that Langwith were going to have to push a bit harder to really shorten the score gap as once again they found themselves trailing behind at 10-4 thanks to the accuracy of Little.

This was suitably challenged by goal defence Hannah Burdon who safely got the ball out of Langwith’s third and to wing attack Chloe Price in a direct chest pass, Price passed to goal attack Lizzie Wilson who got it to Ojukwu for a guaranteed goal. The speed at which this process repeated itself from the start of play resulted in a series of consecutive goals and an excitedly close score of 10-7 ten minutes into the second half.

The final goal shot by Ojukwu was certainly the most impressive, and it may be suggested that if Langwith could of got the ball to her the final score would of been in their favour. The ball was knocked out of play by Derwent and received by Price who passed it to Ojukwu standing on the edge of the side of the goal circle. Earlier on, rather than take the shot she had passed however this had proved ineffective and a wasted opportunity. Luckily, with a hundred percent scoring success behind her, this time Ojukwu did shoot in the final minute of the game. The ball fell straight through the net as she released it and brought the final score to 10-8.

An excitingly close end to a good game of netball both teams can be happy with the outcome. They both show great potential to challenge each other and Langwith is well in pursuit of a win.

Derwent: Kiy, Casterton, Walford, Beckett, Freane, Bate, Little

Langwith: Ojukwu, Wilson, Price, Wade, Ellis, Mitton, Burdon, Fishpool

Player of the Match: Afoma Ojukwu