October 2015

John Bercow- the Jester Who Spoke the Truth

In this case, Britain’s conscience is a rather short man, who in a room where all remained compliant alone dared to critique the world’s second most powerful man

Crushing defeat for Women’s Rugby

York Women’s Rugby Club rose from the mud with continued enthusiasm and vehement desire in their second BUCS fixture of the season

Review: Pornography

Preoccupied with pain, sex, and isolation, Drama-Soc’s latest production uses intimate character study and fearless performance to explore the darkest facets of human character

Weekly Business Bulletin: 31st October

UK Business News U.K economic growth has slowed to 0.5% in the last quarter highlighting the fragility of the economic…

When Netanyahu defended Hitler

“Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister and prime historian, was this week informed by Germany’s PM Angela Merkel of the true perpetrators of the Holocaust…

A Kipper in York – Grammar Schools and Arms Fairs

Another year has passed and the University UKIP society has grown significantly. We’ve had one of the best turnouts for…

The Fiscal Charter is a Fiscal Con

“Embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing”. So summarised John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, of his own party’s response to the trap of Osborne’s…

TV Review: The Walking Dead – Series 6 Episode 3: ‘Thank You’

The fate of one of The Walking Dead’s oldest cast members hangs in the balance as the group tries to divert the walkers away from Alexandria. Liam Dooley reviews

Review: The Addams Family

Pick Me Up Theatre’s ghoulish adaptation of The Addams Family has the audience ‘laughing, jumping and clapping’. Jess Burgess reviews

Game Review: Square Brawl

James Lees gets to grips with Landfall’s new indie brawler

Thinkers’ Corner – It’s Time to Embrace Generation Think

Across the country and across the world, a new student movement is beginning to take shape. Student think tanks are…

Ten Horror Films You Should Watch This Halloween

Lauren McNeilage prepares us for the Halloween season by choosing ten films to scare us into the mood