Club Profiles: Volleyball

How to get involved with Volleyball in the University of York

Image: James Hostford

Image: James Hostford

About the sport/club…

The sport essentially is two teams of 6 players on either side of a net, and they have to make the ball drop on the opponents side, by either making it impossible to touch or by making it impossible for the other team to be able to touch the ball. Each player has their own position with different responsibilities.

When are trials?

The tryouts will be the Tuesday of week 2 .

Can beginners get involved?

Beginners will be able to get involved as we have a beginners group that trains once a week.

Why should you try this sport?

People should choose to play volleyball as it is a very exiting sport, which never has a dull moment, and as team work is so important you grow close to your whole team, and it is a lot of fun.

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