Part Time: LGBTQ Officers

Evie Brill, Jack Chadwick

Evie Brill Paffard and Jack Chadwick

What is your role?

“Being LGBTQ officer, sometimes affectionately dubbed “Queen of the gays” (applied to both Jack and I), is wonderful and exhausting. Of course, we aren’t just about representing “the gays” as unfortunately so many people seem to believe but everyone who doesn’t self-define as being heterosexual, heteromantic and cisgender all at once.

“We hold weekly meetings on Wednesday at 6:30pm, which involve discussing LGBTQ issues and running campaigns on both on campus and worldwide. We aim to create a safe and inclusive environment in which people feel comfortable to be themselves. We also provide various forms of free contraception at every meeting and usually some form of baked goods.

“Not only that but our network has some thriving subsections which host events such as the ace network’s coffee meet-ups, the bi network’s nacho gatherings and the trans’ network’s on-going clothing swap.

“We are also, naturally, affiliated (though a different entity to) LGBTQ social, which hosts numerous social events tiered towards LGBTQ students. We also cross over with the other liberation groups on many social issues and work closely with them on many of our campaigns.”

What is the best part of the job?

“I would say that the main perk of the job (other than owning one of the highly sought after YUSU black cards) is getting to work with people who as passionate about liberation and equality as we are.”

What would you like to tell freshers?

“Whether you are out or not, university life can be daunting as an LGBTQ fresher and knowing people who have gone through similar experiences and understand can be invaluable in times of trouble.”

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